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Romantic Breakfast in Nikolaiviertel Berlin

France is known worldwide for its food culture. Traditionally, the French attach great importance to taking their time – both when preparing and eating. And where can you enjoy breakfast in peace and quiet than the Wilde Matilde Erlebnis Restaurant. Treat yourself to a French breakfast with freshly baked croissants and homemade jam, Nutella, cheese and camembert. There you can enjoy a fine meal in the morning. Take your girlfriend for a romantic breakfast in the Nikolai district with a visit to Matildchen. The best location for a family breakfast, school breakfast or breakfast date. But our gastronomic experience is also the best address in Berlin for special occasions such as birthdays, children’s birthday parties, baby showers, JGA or team events. Treat yourself to a relaxing hour in the morning on our summer terrace with a view of Berlin’s sights such as the Berlin Cathedral and the television tower and enjoy the first rays of sunshine of the day. Or you can make yourself comfortable in our 20s bar with the brightly colored carousel in pink fleece armchairs. It smells like freshly ground coffee and fresh flowers. Enjoy your breakfast with a view of Berlin’s sights such as the TV tower, the Berlin Cathedral or the Marienkirche. Do it like our dear Magy and have a nice morning in the Wild Matilde. The best secret tip in Berlin. Enjoy our delicious breakfast and do some wellness in the café in the Nikolai district. Homemade acai yogurt with chia seeds, maple syrup and fresh fruits like strawberries, blueberries and much more, or a little protein shock with fresh quark, nuts, fruits and honey. The best breakfast bowls in Berlin. A healthy breakfast is the perfect way to start the day right. Try scrambled eggs with shrimp or crispy bacon. Or a healthy student breakfast: muesli with fresh fruit with oat milk, soy milk or lactose-free. Enjoy the time together. Give away a voucher for breakfast with the best event restaurant in Berlin. Homemade die and pastes, smoked ham, salmon and homemade jams and jams. Get a voucher or use our great gift ideas to make your loved ones happy. Make a reservation for the best breakfast in Berlin and let women in beautiful floral dresses provide you with hot coffee or fruity tea specialties. And if you are still able to bake a piece of cake afterwards, you should definitely take a look at our cakes and pastries from our in-house patisserie. They’ll be blown away too, we promise!

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