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Enjoy a wonderful piece of cake in pink armchairs

Enjoy a delicious piece of cake in the afternoon with a refreshing milkshake. Sounds like a relaxed evening, doesn’t it? In the traditional cake house Wilde Matilde you can get the most delicious cakes and tarts in the whole Nikolaiviertel. You can enjoy these delicacies in our exceptionally beautiful facility in the 20s style. Antique chandeliers, playful decorations, a brightly colored carousel and pink upholstered armchairs invite you to linger. Or sit down with a piece of cake on our flower-filled summer terrace with beer garden and view of ’s sights. From classics such as traditional Sacher Torte, Black Forest cherry, Frankforter Kranz cake to cake pops, bluebeery cheescake, grandma’s apple cake, vegan mango-raspberry cake, macarons, colorful meringues, brownies, vegetarian and vegan tarts, gogelhupf, carrot cake, muffins, petit Four, cupcakes, pralines, meringue popsicles, Kaiserschmarrn, there is something for every taste. Do not just reserve a table for your guests in any restaurant, with us you get the most wonderful cakes from our in-house or a colorful cake stand with sugar-sweet petit fours, fresh exotic fruit as well as macarons, love bones, desserts, fruit tarts and other little surprises with the colorful glittering coffee. We also serve a glass of cream or orange juice. Whether it is a JGA, birthday, hen party, , , date with loved one, family party, children’s , baby shower or just relaxing after work, the Wilde Matilde Cocktail Bar has the right cake for every occasion. And if you are celebrating your own party, we now also have our online cake and at https://www.torteundkuchen.de/. And also great offers and vouchers to give away if you are still looking for the right idea for your friends. For example, our afternoon tea for a delicious afternoon étagere or the gift voucher for a candle light .

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