Öffnungszeiten: Di-So ab 10 Uhr,
Montag Ruhetag
Rathausstr. 23, 10178 Berlin Mitte

Dine instead of strolling

Dine instead of strolling is the motto in Nikolaiviertel today. The adventure restaurant Wilde Matilde invites you to the best German home cooking. Try our delicious original Berliner pork knuckle or crispy pork roast, indulge in nostalgic memories while eating an original GDR. Jägerschnitzel with colorful spirelli and tomato sauce. Just like with our pure Königsberger Klopsen and sweet and sour eggs with boiled potatoes. Feel like you were at school with the food distribution. Our German cuisine has a lot to offer for dinner, such as typical Berlin dishes and hearty dishes such as chicken fricassee, Königsberg meatballs with caper sauce and potatoes, original Berlin currywurst in homemade lecho with sweet potato fries, Solyanka and various burgers. And for dessert a piece of fresh cake from the in-house patisserie? Wild Matilde also offers all kinds of delicacies such as vegetarian and vegan tartlets, carrot cakes, cupcakes, chocolate, gogelhupf, colorful meringue ice cream, brownies, meringue ice cream, muffins, petit four, Kaiserschmarrn and milkshakes. Take a short autumn walk through the Nikolaiviertel and past the Dom Aquaree and collect your impressions of Berlin. Afterwards we offer the best German and Berlin cuisine. Experience the full Berlin experience. Reserve a table for your loved ones and friends for dinner together. Because the most important thing is the family. The perfect location for a meal with the family. Our professional bartenders also have the best cocktails ready and mix you the great drinks from our cocktail menu with 150 drinks, which you can then enjoy in our summer beer garden in Berlin. Long drinks, in-house gin creations, shooters, sparkling wine, wine, champagne and many self-created cocktails as well as classics are available to you in the unique ambience of the Knutschfleck Cocktailbar Berlin. If you want to learn how it’s done, there is our cocktail course every Wednesday and Friday.

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