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Cocktailcourses in Berlin downtown

Immerse yourself in the world of mixology and spirits with our exciting Cocktail Courses and Gin Tastings at Wilde Matilde, located in the heart of Nikolaiviertel, Berlin. Whether you’re a cocktail enthusiast, celebrating a special occasion with friends, or simply eager to explore new flavors, we offer an unforgettable experience.

Dive into Mixology Mastery

At Wilde Matilde, we offer hands-on Cocktail Courses where you can learn from seasoned mixologists the art of crafting exquisite cocktails. From mastering the classics like the Old Fashioned and Negroni to exploring modern twists and bespoke creations, our courses cater to all levels of enthusiasts. Gain insights into the techniques of mixing, shaking, and garnishing while discovering the secrets behind balanced flavors and presentation.

Explore a World of Gin

Join us for Gin Tastings that showcase a curated selection of over 150 premium gins from around the globe. Led by knowledgeable guides, delve into the history, production methods, and botanical profiles that define each gin. Whether you prefer the floral notes of a London Dry Gin, the citrus burst of a Mediterranean variety, or the complex spices of an American craft gin, our tastings promise a journey of discovery for your palate.

Wilde Matilde: A Connoisseur’s Haven

Beyond its historic charm in Nikolaiviertel, Wilde Matilde is renowned for its extensive cocktail menu and dedication to quality spirits. Indulge in our diverse range of cocktails, each crafted with precision and creativity. From refreshing mojitos to sophisticated martinis, every drink reflects our commitment to excellence and innovation.

Plan Your Visit

Ready to embark on a cocktail adventure at Wilde Matilde? Visit our website at www.wildematilde.de to explore upcoming courses, tasting schedules, and reservation options. Whether you’re planning a private event, a team-building activity, or simply a memorable outing with friends, we offer tailored experiences to suit your preferences and ensure a memorable visit.

Experience Nikolaiviertel

Located in Berlin’s historic Nikolaiviertel, Wilde Matilde offers more than just exceptional drinks. After your course or tasting, immerse yourself in the charm of this picturesque neighborhood. Wander through cobblestone streets lined with quaint shops, visit nearby landmarks like the Nikolaikirche, or simply enjoy the vibrant atmosphere that makes Nikolaiviertel a favorite among locals and visitors alike.

Your Journey at Wilde Matilde

Discover why Wilde Matilde is a cherished destination for cocktail enthusiasts and spirits connoisseurs. Join us for an enriching experience of flavors, creativity, and camaraderie. Whether you’re expanding your mixology skills or refining your gin palate, Wilde Matilde promises an unforgettable journey through the world of cocktails and spirits.

You can also visit us at the Knutschfleck inside of the TV Tower!

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