Breakfast in the heart of Berlin

in Berlin can be so delicious. The café in the Nikolai quarter is hidden between the red city hall and the Berlin cathedral. Where a dinner show is served in the evening, you can have a really good in Berlin in the morning.
We offer you a wide selection, from a hearty cheese and farmer’s breakfast, sweet pancakes or a protein shock breakfast bowl, a healthy Acai bowl with chia seeds and fresh fruit. Here in the Wild Matilde everyone will find something. Start your morning refreshed and healthy with delicious healthy food or with a delicious farmer’s breakfast for the champions. Enjoy the weather on the summer terrace, with a view of the television tower. Of course you can also have a good coffee with it, we have a large selection of coffee and tea specialties, sparkling wine and juices on offer. Make the breakfast experience in the best breakfast restaurant in the capital. If you are just visiting Berlin, you should definitely make a detour and make breakfast a real holiday experience.

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