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Montag Ruhetag
Rathausstr. 23, 10178 Berlin Mitte

Breakfast at the Wilde Matilde smell like fresh coffee and flowers

The best location for a family breakfast, student breakfast or breakfast date is the Wilde Matilde in the historic Nikolaiviertel. Enjoy good coffee and togetherness in our colorful café in Berlin’s old town. Those who like sweets should definitely try our freshly made pancakes. You can enjoy this with cinnamon and sugar, applesauce or nougat cream. Exactly the right thing to enjoy the morning comfortably in the most beautiful breakfast restaurant in Berlin. Otherwise, there are many other sweet and savory breakfast options in our Wilde Matilde experience gastronomy such as low-car breakfast recipes from Matildchen, breakfast bowls or scrambled eggs, as well as hearty breakfast dishes such as farmer’s breakfast, English breakfast, Mediterranean anti-paste plates, breakfast days and of course the beauty breakfast for all beauty Queens and Princesses. The French breakfast with homemade jams, and oven fresh croissants. It smells of freshly ground coffee and fresh flowers. Enjoy your breakfast with a view of Berlin’s sights such as the TV tower, the Berlin Cathedral or the Marienkirche. Do it like our dear Magy and have a nice morning in the Wild Matilde. The best secret tip in Berlin. Enjoy our delicious breakfast and do some wellness in the café in the Nikolai district. Homemade acai yogurt with chia seeds, maple syrup and fresh fruits like strawberries, blueberries and much more. Or a little protein shock with fresh quark, nuts, fruits and honey. The best breakfast bowls in Berlin. Feast on what is on offer with friends or family. Give away time together with a gift voucher for a breakfast tager. Take your girlfriend out to the Nikolai district for a romantic breakfast again. A voucher for a shared experience is always a great gift idea. From now on there are even vouchers, experiences, party packages such as JGA, birthday packages and chocolates workshop, a variety show followed by dance, Berlin brunch, candle light dinner, breakfast and afternoon tea in the Wilde Matilde Bar.

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