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Wilde Matilde Experience Gastronomy invites you to coffee and cake

The in-house patisserie of the Wilde Matilde Konditorei conjures up the best cakes and pastries in the whole Nikolai quarter. From classics such as the traditional Sacher Torte, Frankforter Kranz, Bluebeery Cheescake, Grandma’s Apple Pie, Black Forest Cherry Torte, to Macarons, Cakepops, colorful Baisers, Brownies, Vegetarian and Vegan Tartlets, Gogelhupf, Carrot Cake, Muffins, Petit Four, Cupcakes, Chocolates, Meringue Popsicles and Kaiserschmarrn, there is something for every taste. The afternoon dawns and the sun is shining. So it’s the perfect time to sit down on the summer terrace of Wild Matilde with a delicious piece of cake or a refreshing sundae and enjoy the evening. So grab your sweetheart and invite her to our café for a nice afternoon date. Exotic and fruity tea specialties, as well as coffee classics like cafe crema, espresso, latte, cappuccino and chai latte. Here you can also get hot chocolate with glitter sprinkles and milkshakes with ice cream. That sounds just wonderful. And just as wonderful is our 20’s Experience Bar decorated, marveling at antique chandeliers, a brightly colored carousel bar, playful decoration and cozy pink upholstered chairs. In addition, you have an unbelievable selection of over 150 cocktails, long drinks, draught beer, milkshakes, gin creations, glittering cappucino, hot chocolate and fine sparkling wine, wine and champagne. Best suited for a variety of occasions like JGA, B2B, birthday, girls‘ round, children’s birthday parties, baby parties, bachelor parties, company parties, company parties, family parties, dates or whatever, so grab your friends, relatives and work colleagues and have a relaxed afternoon in the best café house with the most delicious pastry shop in Berlin. And if you’re still looking for a suitable gift idea, our Afternoon Tea Voucher is a great way to give away time together as a couple. Lovingly prepared for you with fresh fruits, sweet cake pieces, macarons and other small delicacies. The Wilde Matilde Cocktail Bar, experience gastronomy, pastry shop and café house Berlin is the best choice for a delicious piece of cake for the afternoon.

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