Your Bachelorette Party

Your bachelorette party at Berlin’s Burlesque Show

In search of the perfect event for your JGA. Celebrate your bachelorette party at Berlin’s number 1 burlesque show, the best cocktail bar at Alexanderplatz, Knutschfleck Berlin with breathtaking live acrobatics, artistry, dance and live music. Experience an unforgettable evening in the top location for variety and burlesque. You can expect a 4-hour show program with
Variety, entertainment, show and evening program with funny animation, hula hoop, live music, exciting cancan, burlesque, Moulin Rouge, Charleston, rock’n’roll and Chicago dance shows you can enjoy the evening with delicious cocktails. 150 cocktails on the drinks menu and a burlesque show promise an unforgettable evening.

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