Öffnungszeiten: Dienstag bis Sonntag ab 10 Uhr (ab 16. Juni 21)

Rathausstr. 23, 10178 Berlin Mitte


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Dinner in Berlin restaurants is colorful and unusual. The cultural diversity is almost immeasurable. But the German cuisine should not be forgotten: an original Berlin pork knuckle with sauerkraut and potatoes, crispy pork roast, sweet and sour eggs, GDR Jägerschnitzel in grandma’s style. In addition, a perfectly mixed cocktail, whether a classic caipirinha or a more unusual one like the green garden gnome. And if you are interested in how you do it yourself at home, you can simply book a cocktail course. Here you will be introduced to the world of bartenders for 3 hours. You will learn something about the history and origin of alcohol as well as the respective equipment. But if you are more of a gin lover, we have something on offer for that too. You can put your taste buds to the test at our gin tasting. Because we can do more than gin and tonic, even if the juniper schnapps in combination with lavender flowers, nutmeg or rosemary sounds unusual at first, it’s all worth it. Afterwards you can be enchanted by our exquisite burlesque, varité or circus dance show, which offers you different ages. You can also enjoy your last evening here, celebrate your birthday, organize company events or book our Kaisersaal which is designed in the baroque style. All of this is also available individually in the form of a voucher and if you want to make your loved ones happy, there is also a birthday voucher. The event location, bar, cocktail bar, karaoke bar, restaurant, adventure bar, variety, burlesque bar, show and party bar with beer garden and summer terrace in Berlin is for every bachelorette party, Christmas party, birthday, team event, company party, family party, premiere, gala, company party , Annual financial statements, fashion, location, company event, aftershow party, bachelorette party, B2B, wedding day, meeting, incentives, B2C the location in Berlin. From now on there are vouchers, experiences, birthday gifts, birthday vouchers, vouchers in the Knutschfleck Bar. Experience vouchers, tickets and party packages such as JGA packages, birthday packages, company packages, bachelorette party packages such as cocktail workshops, gin tasting, candle light dinners and other celebrations. The Knutschfleck Bar Berlin is the best location for event agencies, Berliners, group trips, travel groups, Berlin visitors, tourists, travel companies, restaurants, bars, event locations, restaurants, birthdays, bachelorette parties, Christmas parties, wedding anniversaries, company parties, team events, company parties, team building, celebrations , B2B or party. Symbol „Von der Community überprüft“

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