Öffnungszeiten: Dienstag bis Sonntag ab 10 Uhr (ab 16. Juni 21)

Rathausstr. 23, 10178 Berlin Mitte

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The best Jga packages in Berlin are in the Wilde Matilde, the top location in Berlin

Bachelors watch out. The best bachelorette party packages and bachelorette party offers in Berlin are available in the Wilde Matilde Cocktail Bar and top location in Berlin. Celebrate the best bachelorette parties, birthdays, company parties and team events in Berlin every Friday and Saturday. For every occasion and for every party there is now exactly the right party package, birthday package, company package, bachelorette party package, the right voucher for a birthday, gift voucher, value voucher, gift voucher or tickets for you. Berlin celebrates the best birthday, JGA, bachelorette party, company party, company event, team building, summer party, B2B event, team event, meeting, graduation ball, after show party, insentiv, Christmas party, company anniversary, company party, party or wedding anniversary, the Knutschfleck bar with variety party or karaoke The right event location in Berlin for every age and every occasion. A workshop can also be a great experience for your bachelorette party or birthday. For example our informative cocktail course or the boozy gin tasting. Fun and a good mood are guaranteed, as are, of course, good drinks and cocktails. The Wilde Matilde Bar Berlin makes every occasion an unforgettable experience. Your birthday, company event, JGA, Christmas party, team event or other party in the hottest bar with variety in Berlin, the Wilde Matilde Bar on Alexanderplatz. The top tip in Berlin and the best idea for your unforgettable party in Berlin is in Mitte. The Wilde Matilde Cocktailbar Berlin is the hippest bar and the insider tip in Berlin! The event location, bar, cocktail bar, karaoke bar, restaurant, adventure bar, variety, burlesque bar, show and party bar with beer garden and summer terrace in Berlin is for every bachelorette party, Christmas party, birthday, team event, company party, family party, premiere, gala, company party , Annual financial statements, fashion, location, company event, aftershow party, bachelorette party, B2B, wedding day, meeting, incentives, B2C the location in Berlin.

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