Project best Burger Berlin

No one can resist a juicy burger. In Berlin there are all the stalls that want to sell you the „best burger“. We at Wilden Matilde also dared to tackle the burger project and redefined the burger. Try our Königsberger. The delicacy is based on the Königsberger Klopsen, with capers in veal patty, beetroot, side salad and a homemade burger sauce. Enjoy the burger in a unique ambience and spend your lunch break in 20s Berlin. If you are in the mood for something different, there is Kasslerbraten, Original DDR Soljianka, fresh salads, veggie burgers, sweet and sour eggs or, as in the school lunch, colorful Spirellis with tomato sauce and original DDR Jägerschnitzel. A true poem in the good old Berlin way. Or a good construction workers breakfast, homemade potato salad with sausage. Maybe a nice Paulaner Hefeweizen.You have a business appointment? Use the FREE WIFI for the next business lunch, lunch meeting, customer or partner talks. When the mind is full, it’s just easier to talk about business. A visit to our adventure restaurant is always something special, regardless of the occasion, whether it’s a birthday, bachelorette party, business lunch, meeting, team event, family celebration, summer party, date or simply having a nice meal with your loved ones. Even if you just want to have a cocktail with your friends in the evening, we have a large selection, because with 150 different cocktails, in-house gin creations, exquisite sparkling wine, wine and champagne varieties and various long drinks, you will also find a drink here to suit your taste. If you want to eat differently, you can marvel at dinner, an evening program with a variety show, burlesque Berlin and various dance performances by Berlin show girls every Friday and Saturday. Reserve a place for a show dinner on our website – this is also perfect as a gift idea and of course also available as a gift voucher.

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