Enjoy our beautiful rainbow cake

Hello everyone, today we have the best creations from our in-house pattisserie. Our dreamlike strawberry buttercream – rainbow cake not only looks great, but is also delicious. If you are celebrating a birthday or a wedding or baby shower soon, you can order this sugar-sweet cake in our online shop. Or maybe you also like our Sachertorte, our cherry crumble cake based on grandma’s recipe or one of our vegan cakes or you can let off steam creatively and put together an event cake for your next celebration. Here you get everything your heart desires and everything individually adapted to your wishes. There are also vegan and vegetarian cakes and other sweet delicacies: whether a wedding cake, children’s birthday cake to say thank you, birthday cake, Valentine’s Day or a special occasion, we have the right cake for every occasion. Or you can simply enjoy it with us, freshly baked by the best Pattisserie in the Nikolaiviertel. If you are still looking for a suitable gift idea, our afternoon tea voucher is a great way to give away time together as a couple. Lovingly prepared for you with fresh fruits, sweet pieces of cake, macarons and other little delicacies. In addition, you have an unbelievable selection of over 150 cocktails, long drinks, beer, milkshakes, gin creations, sparkling cappuccino, hot chocolate and fine sparkling wine, wine and sparkling wine. The Wilde Matilde Cocktail Bar, event gastronomy, pastry shop and café house Berlin is the best choice for a delicious piece of cake in the afternoon.

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