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(außer 19. Dezember 21 bis 13. Januar 22)

Rathausstr. 23, 10178 Berlin Mitte


Cheese breakfast in the breakfast café Wilde Matilde

Who likes cheese as much as we do? Cheese can be combined with almost everything and has a lot to offer in terms of taste. At our cheese you will find a wide variety of cheeses, such as herb cream cheese, cheddar, blue cheese and other varieties. Accompanied by a bread basket with oven-fresh rolls. Enjoy the morning and take a short break before . Try out the delicious breakfast offer of the breakfast café in the Nikolai quarter.
It smells of freshly ground and fresh flowers on the summer terrace. The secret tip for breakfast in . Enjoy the beauty breakfast and do some wellness in the Café in the . Homemade acai yoghurt with chia seeds, maple syrup and fresh fruit like strawberries, blueberries and much more.
Or a little protein shock with fresh quark, nuts, fruit and honey. The best breakfast bowls in Berlin.
A healthy breakfast is perfect to start the day right. Try healthy scrambled eggs with shrimps or crispy bacon.
Enjoy time together. Give away a for a breakfast with the best of Wild Matilde. Homemade dies and pastes, smoked ham, salmon and homemade jams and marmalades. Get a voucher or use the great gift idea to make your loved ones happy.
Reserve a table for the best breakfast in Berlin.
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