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Rathausstr. 23, 10178 Berlin Mitte


A great start for the day

The Berliners‘ breakfast is served in the Nikolaiviertel. The finest anti-pasti with homemade pastes, fresh scrambled eggs and fried eggs with bacon or shrimp. Delicious breakfast bowls with exotic fruits or mixed nuts. There are also exquisite teas and freshly ground coffee. A great start to the day is best uncomplicated. How about an aromatic French breakfast? Homemade jams and jams, with cheese and warm croissaints. We have our ever popular protein shock on the menu for all fitness enthusiasts. A breakfast bowl with delicious nuts, muesli and fruits of the season.You have a large extravagant selection between many delicious self-made creations. In our own we make homemade cakes and much more. You can celebrate birthdays, family celebrations, company parties as well as JGA and much more with us.We the Wilde Matilde offer you many different delicious , there is something for everyone, come by and convince yourself of us and our delicacies. Of course, you can also come by for a coffee or tea and enjoy the delicious homemade cakes from our in-house . You can also drink our delicious cocktails at our carousel or mix them yourself with your friends or work colleagues in our popular Berlin . For all our vouchers we have numerous event packages for every occasion, whether , stag party packages or packages, with us you get the all-round package and everything that belongs to a successful event. You can also present your loved ones with our highlights, because we have birthday vouchers, adventure vouchers, gift vouchers and much more. You can also find all of our experiences in our online shop, where you can make reservations for our magical events. We look forward to seeing you!

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