The sweetest breakfast café in Berlin

The sweetest café in

Attention sweet tooth and sweet tooth.
There is a small breakfast café at Alexanderplatz that offers the most delicious breakfasts and sweets. After all, a sweet breakfast is a must. How about delicious pancakes with apple sauce, nut nougat cream or exotic fruits. Maybe with a caramel macchiato? A French breakfast, with homemade jams and warm croissants, The breakfast for students, with delicious muesli with chocolate chips and fruit The restaurant on the Spree River has plenty of delicacies for you. If you don’t know the breakfast days for 2 people yet, you should definitely try them with your partner in Matildchen’s living room. She enjoys the good weather in the summer beer garden with a view of the television tower, Berlin Cathedral, Red City Hall and Berlin Castle. For those who like it a little more hearty, there is „dat jute old farmer’s breakfast.“ 😉

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