Lunch directly at the Spree

Our Matildie set the table for you again. Today, homemade Königsberg knocks are on the table. We cook fresh and lovingly every day with fresh, regional ingredients. Our chefs will do anything to make you a feast. Of course, you will also find other of the best German dishes on our menu. You will find classics such as Original Berliner Currywurst, Sweet-Sour Eggs, Eisbein with Sauerkraut or Jägerschnitzel with ETW and red sauce. Sit in the pink armchairs in the most comfortable living room in Berlin or enjoy the beautiful weather on the summer terrace with a view of the TV tower. In addition to the food you can drink the most delicious cocktails in Berlin and as a dessert then a piece of cake from our in-house patisserie. Grab your loved ones and enjoy the food and the beautiful weather or take your colleagues to a business , in the Wild Matilde everything is possible.

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