Fried egg for breakfast at the Wilde Matilde Experience Restaurant

Hello, my dears
also today we have again best food in Berlin for a good start into the day for you. Treat yourself to a delicious fried egg for in our Wilde Matilde Restaurant. Take a seat on our summer terrace with a view of Berlin’s sights like the TV tower or Berlin Cathedral and enjoy the good weather. Or you can lounge around in our cosy pink armchairs or at the colourful glowing carousel bar, you will never have eaten in such a unique ambience! And you will be served by women in beautiful flower dresses. Our German kitchen offers many delicious hearty dishes and typical Berlin dishes, as well as homemade, sugar-sweet delicacies from our patisserie. In addition, you can choose from an extravagant range of drinks such as glittery cappucino, colourful milkshakes or perhaps you would like to try our own gin creation or a sparkling wine? It doesn’t matter, in the Wilde Matilde Cocktail Bar in the historic Nikolai Quarter you will get your every wish fulfilled. Whether it’s a business with your business partner, a Beaty with your best friend or just a relaxed dinner with your family, you can spend a few pleasant hours here for any occasion.
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