Fresh salat !

Hi there, dear ones, who feels the same, it’s warm outside and you really feel like having something fresh, how about one of our numerous salads.
On this picture you see a delicious, fresh salad with tomatoes and different kinds of paprika, garnished is this salad with tasty small chilies.
Come by and let us refresh you, maybe with a fruity cocktail, a draught beer or a milkshake in chocolate, vanilla or strawberry flavors?
There is probably nothing that is as delicious and sweet and at the same time cools you down as one of our numerous sundaes.
Be enchanted by our 50s atmosphere directly at .
Enjoy the sun on our terrace during the day or let yourself be enchanted at night by one of our variety, burlesque or circus dance shows. Here everybody feels like in the famous movie Burlesque.
These shows are the best opportunity to give a gift to a loved one and to create an incomparable evening. No matter if it is a birthday, silver or golden wedding or if you want to spend a bachelor party or girls‘ evening here. We know, nothing is more beautiful than spending time together.
We are looking forward to you!

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