Enjoy your Breakfast

Enjoy our colourful breakfast Schlemmer Etageren in the morning before work. They are perfect for two to enjoy and start the day with full energy. Enjoy homemade jams, leaf salad, cheese specialities such as camembert blue cheese, ham, salami, semi-hard cheese, antipasti and other delicacies. That sounds like a good refreshment for work. Feast on the food on offer with friends or family and treat yourself to a relaxing hour in the morning on our summer terrace with a view of Berlin sights such as the Berlin Cathedral and TV tower and enjoy the first rays of the day’s sun. And to really wake you up, our café offers a variety of coffee specialties such as latte, cappuccino, cafe crema, espresso and chai latte, but we also serve fruity and exotic teas. And for those who prefer sweets, we also offer delicious Carrot Cake, muffins, Petit Four, cupcakes, cakes, vegan cakes, Gogelhupf, chocolates, meringue popsicles, Kaiserschmarrn and other colourful delicacies from our in-house patisserie. Who wants to have a really tasty breakfast? In the breakfast restaurant Wilde Matilde you can enjoy the morning with the best breakfast in Berlin. The weekend is just around the corner and sunshine at 30 degrees Celsius is predicted. Enjoy a delicious light breakfast like a breakfast bowl and a freshly cooled orange juice to go with it? Or a homemade and refreshing cucumber lemonade? Try the protein shock with fresh curd cheese, a nut mixture, fruit and honey, or a student breakfast a la mode. Our homemade muesli mix with milk or yoghurt to go with it.

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