Delicious breakfast in Berlin

Having in in can be a real experience. The sweet café offers you a delicious with the most delicious classics and new creations prepared and refined with love.
If you don’t want to eat breakfast just anywhere, the Wilde Matilde is the place to be. The insider tip in Berlin Mitte is a small cult classic hidden behind the red town hall. Breakfast is served here in a colorful and playful way. For athletes, beauty queens, for French breakfast for all those who appreciate good homemade jam. Also English Breakfast, fried eggs with crispy bacon, shrimps, and fresh mushrooms. Try a delicious breakfast punch with acai yogurt, chia seeds, and fresh fruit. For a romantic day for two, we recommend the breakfast days for 2 people. Enjoy breakfast with your partner and have a romantic morning for two. Or give away time together with a voucher for breakfast in our breakfast café. Enjoy the weather on the terrace, with a delicious coffee or tea.

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