Berlin Attraction for Breakfast and Brunch

Everyone loves to start the day comfortably. Whether sweet or savory, the most important meal of the day is and remains . Visit the sweet restaurant in the Nikolaiviertel and let yourself be pampered on every level. Try the delicious pancakes with apple sauce, nut nougat cream or exotic fruit. Let yourself be served a hearty farmer’s by Candy girls in colorful flower dresses and let it go well on the terrace. The in Berlin can be so delicious. Every day from 10-15 o’clock you get the for Berliners and tourists, with attention to detail. In addition, there is a fantastic buffet every Saturday and Sunday with delicious salads, sweet delicacies and goodies of German cuisine, such as crispy Kasslerbraten, Original Berliner Currywurst and and and. Finish off the weekend with a Sunday in the café on the corner, full of traditions and stories.

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